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Hope You Had a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Turkey Place Cards:
Well the idea WAS to have the 3 grandgobblers (known as grandgoblins for Halloween) assemble all of the 200+ pieces of punched and die-cut cardstock into 12 place cards. It's been a family tradition for the girls to make place cards, usually commercial place cards or something simple I'd come up with, ready for them to write names. When 2 of the grandgobblers needed to come a bit later, our schedule was in disarray!

Daughter, Deb, (I needed to check the turkey, make the gravy happen, and calculate how many casseroles and pans of rolls would fit into our conventional oven when the turkey at last came out) helped Abby to cut, glue, and glue, and glue, the 17 or so pieces for a number of them but Alas! I had to admit that there was too little time for so much fun! We had them for the girls' places and I will pack away the remaining oval scallops, Boho punches,scallop squares, little feet, beaks, combs and little eyes for next year's celebration!

I totally CASEd this great punch idea from Sophia Landry (Thank you, Sophia!!!!), who can be found on Andrea Walford's site! Sophia is a genius at punch creations. I didn't find myself that interested in elaborate creations with punches at first, but now I'm inspired and excited to try my hand at a really cute punch Santa to go with my original Charlie Brown Christmas tree, seen below on the Punch Snowman (Also Sophia's idea!) card! You can watch Sophia on a video at:

(You have to give Sophia the coolness of presence award as her young children can be heard in the background "not being perfect". I had to giggle because we can all relate! :-D)
Enjoy all of the leftovers!!

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