Happy New Year!!

Relaxing in the Oasis


Maybe this is why I love my butterfly stamps so much.....

BEFORE THEY CAME!  Here you see one of my milkweed plants.  This is one of 10 that I added to feed the hungry Monarch catterpillers!
Here is one of the nearly 30 chrysallis that were created in our butterfly garden area. 
Below is one of the "hatchlings".  This particular butterfly hatched from a chrysallis rescued by the pump repairman.  I ended up using glue dots to attach it to the brick well.

Here is a "new" butterfly exercising her wings (males have thinner black lines and a black dot on each lower wing to distinguish them from the ladies) prior to flying off.

This is how my butterfly "garden" appeared after being decimated by so many catterpillers!  Not so beautiful and inviting!!  Not to worry though.  The leaves are coming back again for the next wave of monarchs.  (I also have a few Blue Swallowtail catterpillars on my parsley and fennel plants.)  If you've gotten this far and will comment and send me your e-mail address, I'll send the first "commenter"  the single butterfly stamp!

Wedding Decoration Fun!

With my older daughter re-marrying on July 17, I get to indulge in my favorite fantasy job of wedding planner once again! (Believe me, I would NOT wish to be a wedding planner for anyone other than my family members!)  The wedding will take place on our son's dock on the Grand Canal in IHB.  I am responsible for decorating dock pilings (lol) but I've got some great plans with pretty bows, cascading tulle and white flowers and pots of yellow purselane.  I'll post pictures after the 17th.  We have a yellow and white, simple but elegant, touch of tropical theme.  Above are the favors using So Saffron, Peach Parfait, Blushing Bride and Certainly Celery cardstock and ribbons.  I was supposed to be able to use a print template for the tags I bought but when all attempts failed I thought, "I can do that!"  Other decor I've completed are centerpieces, the Bride's table and cake table decorations, a card "cage",  Still to do:  making bouquets and boutonniers the evening before.
Now I'm off to straighten my stamp area and prepare to STAMP!!  Happy Stamping!!