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Sweet Inspiration!

Here is a picture of the incredible and entirely edible wedding cake created for my duaghter, Deborah's, wedding by my DAL's SIL! :-D  We knew Sue was super-creative but this is just incredible!  All of the roses, leaves, and jasmine flowers were hand-created and edible.  The shells were pearly white chocolate!  Not only does the cake look fabulous, the taste was........mmmmmmm. The bottom layer was lemon with lemon filling and the middle layer was chocolate with rasberry filling!  (Note the emphasis on WAS!)
Here is my inspiration for the SOS Stampers' meeting this coming Tuesday evening:  One of the make and takes will incorporate the color and floral themes of the cake.  I wish I could bring samples to the Tuesday evening meeting but.....That's the problem with a REALLY delicious (non-commercial, non-generic) cake.  Everyone wants a little of both flavors!! 

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  1. Oh yes, this is a most beautiful cake! So happy to hear all went so well.