Happy New Year!!

Relaxing in the Oasis


Getting There!!

The poor Stamping Oasis is still shrouded in plastic to shield it from dust and debris as we draw nearer to a completion date for the major contruction and installations!  A week from today should tell a different story AND I should be able to have a clear path to my project area!!  (I did manage to stamp some paper clay leaves using the "Fall Foliage" stamp set.  I let them dry overnight and experimented with acrylic paints!  They will find themselves decorating a gift bag at the next Stampin' Open House (rescheduled for Oct. 26) and the next SOS meeting!!)

Here are some pictures of what has been completed so far!  Painters for the dining room and the kitchen/dining ceilings on Tuesday, counter tops on Wed., backsplash on Thurs., and finish work on Friday!  Yayyyyy!

I love my floor mosaic and Whylie and Presh (that's her black Sheltie "plume" in the lower right) think that the camera is just for taking their picture.  They always run over to be in the shot!!

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  1. the cabinets and floor center is gorgeous! I know you are anxious to get this project behind you. Looking forward to SOS Tues night.