Happy New Year!!

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Happy Scrappy Scrapbooking Month!!

Finally off the back burner are my unfinished scrapbooks for family events!  I still have 4 or 5 pages to complete for Emma and Abbey's Volleyball Scrapbook, but I finally finished Deb and Steve's wedding album and put together an envelope album for grandson Troy's 16th birthday.

I hope everyone is enjoying a little scrapbooking along with their card and gift creations!

Here's the front of Troy's Envelope Album to celebrate "16"!  What a nice time we all had together at Fujiama.  Then it was back to Tom and Kimmy's beautiful home for cake.  Each pocket holds mounted pictures and will have room for Troy's birthday cards too.

Here's the reverse side along with some of the mounted pictures that are placed inside the pockets.  Troy's love of surfing fishing and tropical fish are highlighted.
Emma's first rec league season!  Already a star player!!

Ready, Set, Go EMMA!!
Abby's Jackson Heights Middle School Team!  County Champs for Abby's 6th and 7th grade years!

Go Bobcats!!
Lovely bride!

It was definitely a great party!  Steve and Deb's children, along with cousin Riley,were best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids,  & flower girl.  The kids had a great time!

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