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Scraps Challenge!

So many scraps, so little time!  As I was sorting my leftover bits of CS and DSP, I decided to go ahead and file everything (2 crates' worth) by name and "New Color"/"Retired Color" by family palette.  Each manilla folder has the color name and a small floral stamp of the corresponding color.  How empowering is that?? :-D

After looking at all of my scraps, I decided to give myself a challenge:  Use nothing but scraps (including the cards themselves) for 10 cards a week.  Like you, I have accumulated 100's of extra punches, stamps, embellishments etc. from previous projects.  Here was a chance to use some of them!  My other self-imposed rules were:
  • No new ribbons (just those from my ribbon jar) or new die cuts.
  • Limited stamp sets.
  • Unlimited use of punches.
  • Any colors could be used.
I decided last week that I would spend some quality time with my supplies anyway so.....in a few hours last evening and and hour and a half this afternoon, I created 2 small 6-page mini-scrapbooks and 8 cards. (By the way, the first follower that comments will win a cool stampin' prize.  Be sure that I have your email address.) You'll see the old along with the new but it is all good and all fun!!  (I don't think I even made a miniscule dent in my scrap crates!!)


  1. You go, Ree! That had to feel liberating to organize those folders of scraps. What great projects you created with your challenge. Hope to work with my new sets soon...you have provided great ideas!

  2. Good for you - organizing is a chore but you seem to have come up with a positive idea!

  3. Thanks, gals! It's wonderful to know where I can get my hands on a scrap of Marina Mist or Close to Cocoa!